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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of surface can inflatables be installed on?   Preferably a grass surface. Fun Rental can install inflatable on a concrete surface, keep in mind that a surcharge will be applied for hard surface installs. 

Animals:  IMPORTANT: Please keep animals locked up when Fun Rental is installing your rental equipment. Please make sure installation areas are clear of any animal waste before Fun Rental arrives.

Power Requirements:  Each blower requires a dedicated circuit. (Fun Rental is not responsible for providing power to unit and is not responsible for circuit failure.) Attraction must be installed within 60 feet of the power source. If customer is supplying a extension cord the cord must be a 12 gauge cord. no exceptions. Fun Rental does have cords available for rental. 

Do I need to give delivery staff a tip?  Tips are not required, but are certainly appreciated by Fun Rental Staff.

How long is the rental period?  Rental Periods vary per event and per inflatable. Please inquire to learn more.  

Can we pickup inflatables for a self install?   The inflatables  that can be picked up are the 15x15 bounce houses (for all ages), the 8x8 toddler bouncer (for ages 3 and under)  and the 4/1 Combo bouncer.  Our staff will load your inflatable into your vehicle . 

What kind of Vehicle is required to pick up an inflatable?  Vehicle must be a larger SUV , truck, or trailer.   (no cars or mini vans) 

What is the Pickup Times and Location? Our pickup location is 130 E Morey Rd. North Prairie, WI .  We are open by appointment only- but very flexible and will open for you, if we can. Text 262-719-5867 to set up pickup and return times.

Cleaning? Do we have to clean inflatable before returning bounce house?  We ask you to wipe out with a towel/vacuum inflatable to avoid cleaning fees.  ** Fun Rental Disinfects all units after every use.

Inclement Weather Conditions-- when are inflatables not safe to use?   If Winds are over 15 MPH, and lightening are present inflatables must be shut down and unplugged.  Leave Vinyl laying on the ground.  Fun Rental Reserves the right to cancel outdoor event rentals in the event of unsafe weather conditions. Under no circumstances will Fun Rental install inflatables outdoors in temperature below 50 degrees.  Under no circumstances will Fun Rental Install Inflatables with wind gusts above 15 MPH. 

How many kids can be in a 15x15 bounce house?    you can have 6-8 kids at a time. (same sized children- at no time should a small child be put in bounce house with a larger child.)   Remember to provide adult supervision at all times of operation.

What are the largest risks that cause injury in a bounce house/ inflatable:   Remind children no flips-- this is a uncontrolled motion and has the potential of injury to other children inside inflatable.   Too many children inside of inflatable.  kids jumping off slides.  Adult supervision required at all times of operation.

Does Fun Rental offer Commercial Tiered Pricing?  Fun Rental does offer commercial pricing for multiple contracted events. 

Is Fun Rental Insured? Yes, Fun Rental is fully insured. Certificates of Coverage are available upon request.  When choosing a rental company , insurance is a important conversation to have. Please be sure you are renting from a company that is fully insured. 

Does Fun Rental provide Company Picnics? Yes, We work with hundreds of companies on their annual company events,  we can assure you that we are the best in SE Wisconsin.  From 100-3000 guests, Fun Rental can produce a company family picnic your guests will remember. 

Does Fun Rental provide school carnivals? Yes, We work with hundreds of schools in SE Wisconsin on their school carnivals. We have some great carnival strategy to share on turning your school carnival into a fundraising event. Book A indoor carnival for some great savings! Contact us to learn more.

Which Cities does Fun Rental Deliver to? Primarily Waukesha County. Fun Rental does come to Milwaukee and Madison Areas for larger events with a event minimum.